How does Cele work?

First, you answer a short, 5-question quiz about the person you are buying a gift for. Once Cele understands who is receiving the gift, we use an adaptive machine learning algorithm to recommend great gift ideas. Once you select a gift that you like, you’ll be sent to the retailer or brand that sells the product, and go through the checkout process there.

Why is Cele free?

Cele makes a small commission from the companies that have products on the site. We do not make any commission if a product is not bought, so we are incentivized to recommend the best possible options. None of the products Cele recommends are ads nor have we been paid for higher placement.

What makes Cele better than all of the other gift sites out there?

Cele uses AI to connect you with the best gifts for your loved ones. Not only that, the Cele platform learns over time. The more you use Cele, the better the recommendations for each of your loved ones gets. We believe the perfect gift can come in all shapes and sizes, so we take several factors into account when making a recommendation. We are the only gifting site that presents you with a dynamic list, taking your preferences and comparing them to broader trends and learning until we get it right and find the truly perfect gift. For example, you and your sister may want to buy a birthday gift for your dad. You both may get excellent presents that are specific to him and his interests, but they may end up being completely different, that neither of you would have thought of. However, because your relationship with him is unique, the perfect gift for him is unique as well. Cele can help because each list of gifts we recommend are completely unique to each person and the person they are buying for.

Why should I use Cele?

Sometimes coming up with a gift idea is challenging, stressful, or time-consuming. Cele offers a solution to that. By using advanced technology, Cele speeds up that thinking process, filtering out products that are not relevant to your loved ones’ interests and only offering great gifts. Once we understand what the recipient likes, we present a marketplace where you can browse through a curated list to make the final decision.

How do I give feedback or get more involved?

We would love to hear from you! You can contact us here. Or you can email us at


What is the beneft of making a profile with Cele?

To fully realize the benefits from an AI gifting service, we recommend making a profile, saving people as members to your Fam, and saving products to a member’s Stash. That way, you can be best prepared for upcoming gifting occasions because Cele can remind you of what you’ve gotten in the past, provide better recommendations from the adaptive AI, and send you notifications about upcoming holidays so you never forget or miss about another special occasion again. For example, you may buy a gift for your mother several times throughout the year (birthday, Mother’s Day, Winter Holiday, Anniverary, etc.) By creating a profile with Cele, we can help with each of those occasions, pr0viding better recommendations over time, increasing the chance you get the perfect gift for her every holiday.

Who goes in my Fam?

If you buy someone a gift, we recommend adding them to your Fam. If you do, you never need to go through the Cele gift quiz for that person again. Your Fam represents the people that you buy gifts for, whether that’s multiple times per year, annually, or every now and then and is the only way to truly benefit from Cele’s learning algorithm.

How do I add someone to My Fam?

There are multiple opportunities to add someone to Your Fam; however, you must be logged in to do so. You can create a member of The Fam in the My Fam tab or after going through the Cele gift quiz.

What is a Stash and how do I put gifts into one?

Think of your Stash as a your cart on a traditional online shop. These are the gifts that you think may be a great match for your gift recipient. Not only do Stashes give you an opportunity to save gifts for later, but they also provide a you reminder of gifts you were choosing between for future gifting occasions. You can add a gift to a Stash by pressing the Cele heart button.

How do I review gift history from the people in My Fam and in their Stashes?

You can find a person’s Stash under the My Fam page. You can also find it from the gift marketplace page.

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What does Cele believe makes the perfect gift?

The perfect gift is our true north star. We believe great gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. One perfect gift could be the one that the recipient doesn’t even know they want yet, and when they see it for the first time, you get that “Aha” that “Wow” or that “Thank you!” It is thoughtful and specific to their interests and personality. It shows the recipient that you think about them and you care. At the end of the day, the perfect gift is a way to communicate “I love you.”

How can Cele guarantee that their recommendations are specific or custom to my loved ones?

Once you answer a few questions about who you are buying for, Cele filters the universe of products down to a managable and curated list that is personalized and custom to that person. Our AI recommends products that are personalized to the hobbies or interests of that person, as well as some trends we are seeing. For example, you may have a 31 year old brother that loves the outdoors. However, Cele may notice trends within that group of people that are not obvious, like 30-35 year old men who love the outdoors also love Pickleball. We can suggest that out of the box idea, which may end up being a great gift for him. Also, Cele can be helpful for other situations, like if you are unfamiliar with what gifts would be best for a specific hobby, because we can guide you to popular items. If you are buying for someone that already has everything, we can recommend unique products that they may have never heard of. If you like buying themed gifts, such as accessories for a bigger hobby (like drones) we can help guide you to the latest and greatest for that interest. At Cele, we believe you are the only one that can determine what a great gift really is for your loved one. Cele is a tool that gets you to that decision quicker and easier than ever before.

When should I expect to receive the gift I buy?

All shipping is done through the retailer. Shipping times and prices are determined by the retailer. Any prices that Cele displays are shared but subject to change by the retailer. Retailers are responsible for all shipping.

Are there any other filters that I can use to find better gifts? Such as minority-owned businesses?

We are dedicated to creating the best gifting experience possible. If you have any recommendations to include additional features, filters, or anything else, we’d love to hear from you at

What happens if I don’t like any of the gifts that Cele recommends?

Our recommendations are built through a continuous learning model, which means that our recommendations get better over time. If you don’t like one recommendation, we bet the next one will be better.

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What do you do with my data? And my family’s data?

Your data is yours; full stop. Cele keeps all data confidential and does not sell it under any circumstance. Cele uses data to help ease your life by taking preferences and large scale anonymous trends to help you find a gift that your loved one will love.

What is adaptive machine learning and why is it important?

Adaptive machine learning takes real-time information and inputs it into its algorithm. We use adaptive machine learning for two main reasons. First, is to stay on top of the most recent trends. While some of the best gifts are tried and true, it’s important to Cele to present the newest trends to those that like them. Most importantly, Cele’s adaptive machine learning takes your most recent decisions into account. For example: if you skip over a few of Cele’s recommendations, we make an adjustment to provide new products that are best suited to your needs.

How does Cele use machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Every gift that Cele recommends is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Recommendations are based off the similarity between products, between gift buyers, and between gift recipients. Cele uses ML to understand the similarities and uses AI to determine the best match for you. Our platform allows Cele to determine trends, identify strong relationships, and present products that are most likely to be cherished. For example, if you are buying a gift for your mom, who likes gardening, photography, and Italian food, Cele will compare what others are buying moms who have similar interests and recommend a great gift for her.

There’s no way a computer can find a gift for my loved ones better than I can, right?

Absolutely right! The best gifts are the ones that come immediately, from conversations or deep thought. However, sometimes it can be helpful to get a little push or direction. In the cases when you’re stuck on a gift, or aren’t quite sure what is popular for an age group, or you don’t know anything about a specific hobby and don’t have the time to research, Cele can help with that and make your life easier.

I do not feel comfortable providing Cele with any information on my family, can I still use the site?

Yes! You can use the site as a guest and can still benefit from Cele’s platform and still look around for a great gift. We will not store any data that can be connected to you. However, you will not realize all of the benefits of making a profile and coming back to Cele to find gifts over and over. We will not learn from your preferences or the preferences of your loved ones.


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