who we are

We are Cele (rhymes with Jelly) and we absolutely loves giving gifts! And yet, no matter how often we buy gifts for our friends and family, the act of thinking about what to get, what our loved ones might want, what they already have... it’s always a challenge. After spending so much time and mental energy racking our heads on what to buy other people, we decided there had to be another way. We’ve developed AI that makes truly customized gift recommendations. And guess what! It’s all free

what we do

Cele creates personalized and unique gift recommendations that are specific to each of your loved ones. Once you take our short, 5-question quiz, our A.I. will produce a marketplace of products that match your friend’s or family’s interests. The best part? The more you use Cele, the better we get! We have built the A.I. to, constantly improve and provide better gift recommendations over time. Cele does make a small commission on the products we recommend. But we’ve set it up to make sure that we only get paid if we do our job. That means we’re aligned with you: our customer. No more endless scrolling and no more returns!

our mission

To empower meaningful and lasting connection by reimagining how we express love.

Our Values

Celebrate Each Other Embrace Uniqueness Lead with Our Best Self Embody Customer Cheer Seize the Moment


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